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Yellow Bus is Justin's second release and contains several of Justin's most popular songs, including "Willy Was a Whale," "One Little Cookie," and "Yellow Bus." This CD won Justin his first Parents' Choice GOLD award and was featured in People Magazine. As Disney's Family Fun magazine proclaimed, "Hop on the bus, you're guaranteed to enjoy the ride."

After his enjoyable 1998 debut album, "Great Big Sun," Justin Roberts tops himself with this immensely appealing, creative release with genuine all-ages appeal.
 — Parents' Choice

Track Listing:

1. In the Car 2. Tickle My Toes 3. Thought it was a Monster 4. Yellow Bus 5. Willy was a Whale 6. Mama is Sad 7. Rocketship 8. Tie Your Shoe 9. One Little Cookie 10. Hey Hippopotamus 11. Giraffe/Nightengale 12. All Eyes On You

all songs © Justin Roberts, 2001

Produced by Liam Davis

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