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Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym ascends through the collective memories of childhood: from the joys of trick or treating and sleepovers to the magic stillness of snow days and gym class parachutes. The recording takes listeners on a journey through iconic experiences that kids will relate to and parents will remember. It's an often funny and unexpectedly rocking ride: from magic moments sailing on a moonlit cardboard box, through the temporary traumas of getting lost, to the anticipation and wonder of a school fire drill. Giant pounding drums, vintage electric guitars, strange and fanciful time changes, soaring vocals and elegant French horns yearn toward the conquering heights of the jungle gym.

Track Listing:

1. We Go Duck
2. Sleepoverland
3. Trick or Treat
4. Sign My Cast
5. Gym Class Parachute
6. Obsessed by Trucks
7. Cardboard Box
8. Snow Day
9. Never Getting Lost
10. New Haircut
11. Fire Drill
12. 2 x 4

all songs © Justin Roberts, 2010

Produced by Liam Davis

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