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Way Out is Justin's fourth release and the first time he turned the knobs all the way up to eleven. The CD is filled with memorable pop hooks and singable catchy choruses, including the punk rock anthem "Day Camp," the clever "Doctor Doctor" and the fully rocking "Picture Day" (about which The Independent said "[it] may be the greatest song ever written. Really."). The songs will have the kids bouncing off the walls and the adults remembering their own pre-pre-pre-teen years.

"More than any children's release this year, this CD makes you want to buy multiple copies and pass them out to friends—if only to prove that children's music can be unaccountably great. — Amazon.com Editor's Review

Track Listing:

1. Airplane Of Food 2. Day Camp 3. Best Friend 4. Doctor Doctor 5. Way Out 6. Roller In The Coaster 7. Humpty's At It Again 8. Picture Day 9. Bigger 10. I Lost The Tooth I Lost 11. Backyard Spaceship 12. Suppertime

all songs © Justin Roberts, 2004

Produced by Liam Davis

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